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Logistics and Foreign Trade Glossary

A/C - A/C

Followed by 9 numbers is the indication of a Fedex account.



Fee we pay when freight is by sea.

Maritime Agency

Commercial representatives or operational representatives of the shipowner.


Used to leave cargo waiting for the ship, without paying port fees. If the warehouse is REDEX (Special Export Customs Clearance Regime), you can also release the cargo, without first having to take the goods to the port.


BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor

Fuel adjustment surcharge.


BL - Bill of landing

 The owner “owner of the ship” is responsible for issuing the BL and the BL can be withdrawn at both origin and destination. When it is a bill and order, we always ask to pick it up at the destination (ask the forwarder to pick it up and send it to us by mail).


Cargo storage at Infraero or Porto, and its value depends on the time the cargo remains in the CIF value and weight of the goods.



length x width x width

Fumigation Certificate

After the load is fumigated, the certificate must be withdrawn to prove that the wood has actually been treated.


Certificate of Origin

It certifies that the cargo was produced in that country (it must be issued as requested by the country to which the goods are being sent).


Chargeable weight

It is the space occupied by the cargo inside the ship/airplane. Basic rule for calculating CW is: L x W x H / 6 * 1000





Acronym for Consignee, which is the importer.


Joining loads from different (or not) exporters.



The Tax Situation Code "CST" was instituted with the purpose of identifying the ICMS tax situation of the goods in the operation practiced. It consists of two digits according to Table B. Table (A) is intended to identify the origin of the goods.



Declaration of Customs Clearance.



Surcharge Fine determined in the contract, to be paid by the contracting party of a ship, when it takes longer than agreed in the contract at the ports of loading or unloading. Created to encourage speed in processes. deconsolidation Separation of loads that are consolidated on the same MASTER document.


Forwarding agent

Represents importers, exporters, transporters, bonded warehouses, before the various government agencies and commercial entities, in customs, fiscal, tax, logistical and commercial procedures, aiming at customs clearance of imported or exported cargo.


Simplified Export Declaration.



Transport of goods from abroad, from the point of unloading in the customs territory to the place where the next dispatch must take place. (ROADWAY).

DTA Customs Transit Declaration 

So that the cargo can transit within the country, before its nationalization.

ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival)

Expression of maritime transport, which means day of berthing (arrival) of the ship in the port.


ETD (Estimated Time of Departure)

Expression of maritime transport, which means the estimated or expected date of departure (departure) of the ship in the port.


Bl printed at destination – not all shipowners do.

Purge / Fumigation

Wood “detection” process (only for goods that have wood or the pallet itself).



Container full.


Follow up

It is related to all the steps of the process, we must inform the customer about each step and its expected completion. This is done from the beginning of the process to its final step.



Collect Freight payable or collect / payment at destination / the importer pays / the importer can choose the agent / “good at import”.

PP FREIGHT - Prepaid Freight

paid at origin / usually paid by exporter / exporter choose agent / “good on export”.


Gross weight

Gross weight.



Less than container load Consolidated cargo measured in cubic meters or ton.


LI - Import License

Permission granted by the government to import certain products.



Air cargo storage program, used to monitor the arrival and departure of cargo at its destination. 130 Merchant Marine – Responsible for the Brazilian coast.



MERCOSUR common nomenclature Tax classification of goods.


Net Weight

Net weight.



It always accompanies the goods, it is also necessary for the elaboration of the RE and SD. notify Notifier (who receives the goods at the port/airport of destination).

Cash Billing

Document for the customer.


Notifier (who receives the goods at the port/airport of destination).



Non Vessel operator


Common Carrier

It is the effective carrier of the goods, assuming all the risks inherent to the operation (of transport). Parameterization System used by SISCOMEX to classify DIs registered by the importer:

a) Grenn Channel: Immediate clearance, however, the customs inspector may request both the document conference and the customs inspection.

b) Yellow Channel: Inspection of all original documents by the Internal Revenue Service.

c) Red Channel: Inspection of all original documents and physical inspection of the cargo by the Internal Revenue Service.

d) Gray channel: In addition to carrying out all the documental and physical verification of the cargo, the Federal Revenue makes the verification of the values ​​mentioned in the documents and the DI.


POD - Port Of Discharge

Discharge port.


POL - Port Of Loading

Port of Embarkation.



It is sent to the cargo agent at the destination to inform him that the cargo departed from the values ​​​​that were negotiated, and further information about the shipment.


Proforma Invoice

Goods order accepted. It is not mandatory to present the same for cargo release.



Export registration.


Dispatch request.


Sea ​​line

Shipowner (ship owners and operators).







SISCOMEX – Foreign Trade System.

It is from there that companies qualify for what is called RADAR (LICENSE TO EXPORT OR IMPORT).

SRF – Internal Revenue Service.

Authorizes the nationalization and exit of goods.



Merchandise supplier.


Road Transport (loading of goods):

When assistance is provided, we offer the service of PICK UP the goods at the exporter's factory, that is, a carrier to perform the service.





Warehouse, cargo terminal.

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