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Freight Forwarder 


Map Logistics is a freight agent that works efficiently to assist clients who need to distribute their international merchandise. We carry out planned, organized, and intelligent logistics, which facilitates foreign trade.

Map Logistics operates in the international transportation logistics management across maritime, aerial, and road routes, offering a comprehensive service as a facilitator of the logistics chain.

Prime Location

We are located in the state of Santa Catarina, a diverse logistics hub that includes five seaports, four airports, various customs zones, and a thriving entrepreneurial culture.

reunião de negócios

"We have been business partners with MAP LOGISTICS since the beginning of our import operations that we carry out in Brazil, this business relationship has been going on since 2015.

In these last 4 years, we have highlighted highly professional dealings, based on technical knowledge and the ability to understand the real needs that TYRI has demanded all this time.

I highlight special attention to its director Alessandra Marcelino, who has always been ready to give us quick answers and make accurate notes to our demands, being our support for all matters related to logistics and foreign trade (import and export) of our products.

In a market with numerous partnership offerings, we chose to stay with MAP LOGISTICS for the trust and ease of information flow."

Fabiano Secconi Marcondes de Lima

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